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Charity Run for wheelchair-borne war veterans

We are delighted to inform that 100% proceeds from AAM Season 6 registrations would be donated to the Indian Armed Forces, additionally patrons and participants can raise funds for the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center, Kirkee in their individual capacity by choosing to donate via the link below and spreading the word in their respective networks. Watch the video to know more…

Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center (PRC)

Wings to the Wheelchair

Some of India's gallant war survivors with fatal spinal cord injuries, discovered wings on the wheelchair at the Pune-based Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre. What makes this institution unique in the world is its vision that stretches beyond the recovery of disabled ex-servicemen and building a holistic ecosystem for their families.

PRC Initiatives

Empowering through skill & employability

From the vocational skills to painting and wheelchair-borne international sports the institution infuses new ambition in disabled jawans to lead a dignified life

Care & upkeep

There are few places in the world looking after ex-soldiers with 100% disability. This institution takes care of paraplegic and quadriplegic war heroes across the Army, Navy and Air Force.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

In addition to disabled-friendly residential facilities accommodating ex-servicemen with their families, the institution boasts for a massive infrastructure comprising indoor and outdoor sports facilities.