Race Director

Dave Cundy

Race Director
(Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2023)

Dave Cundy, an esteemed figure in the field of race direction and event management, has left an indelible mark on the global athletics community. With a career spanning decades, Dave's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to promoting sportsmanship, unity, and excellence.

Beginning as the Road Events Manager for Athletics at the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games from 1997 to 2000, Dave orchestrated the organization of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Marathons and Race Walks, Paralympic Marathon, and The Host City Marathon. These milestones marked his initial steps in shaping world-class athletic events.

Beyond his organizational roles, Dave's dedication to accurate road course measurement standards stands out. Serving as the World Athletics-AIMS Course Measurement Administrator for Asia & Oceania since 1996 and Technical Director for AIMS since 2012, he has been a driving force behind precision and fairness in racecourse measurements.

Dave's influence extends to travel and marketing, where he currently serves as the Business Manager of RunFun Travel and the Managing Director of Cundy Sports Marketing. This unique blend of roles allows him to infuse his passion for running with his event management expertise, resulting in unforgettable experiences for participants.

With a profound commitment to excellence, Dave's leadership has been pivotal in various committees and roles. He has served as Vice President and Technical Director for the Association of International Marathons & Distance Races (AIMS), ensuring the highest standards in the industry.

Dave's accomplishments go beyond numbers and events. His contributions as an International Measurer for the London Marathon, Technical Delegate for marathons around the world, and race director for renowned events like the Great Wall Marathon and Great Hakka Marathon demonstrate his remarkable impact.

Recognized with awards like the Australian Sports Medal and a Life Membership from Athletics Australia, Dave Cundy's legacy exemplifies the spirit of independence, unity, and progress through his exceptional contributions to sports and event management.